My Statement

I find the reason to paint from the things I see and feel, the colors and shapes that surround me.

My paintings are based on my personal experiences, time, places, instinct and inspiration. The experiences from past and present, the memories near and far are all the reasons why I paint. The completion of one piece is a beginning of new experience. I find much joy by exploring new thoughts. Such process may come suddenly, many times I do not know what my next move or dab of paint will bring. The failure can be frustrating, but that itself brings a new experience at the end. I do not fear failure, but revel in the satisfaction of success. Uncertainty can be exciting and creative mind can be rewarding.

I closely relate the mystery and perfect balance of science and art, and deeply appreciate God's enormous power and harmony in the creation of the universe. I intend to pursue my findings through painting and I hope my viewers will be able to communicate with me through my paintings.